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24397Re: Is there a way to get value of SetDelimiter and SetListDelimiter?

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  • flo.gehrke
    Apr 9, 2014
      ---In ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, <mycroftj@...> wrote :

      > I would like to obtain the current value of SetDelimiter and SetListDelimiter
      > because they are changed in a subroutine and I would like the subroutine
      > to reset them to the values they had when the subroutine was called. I do
      > not see any statements that give me that information. Am I missing
      > something or is there another way?

      No, there's no Function or Preset Variable for that. A solution is to define different delimiters and to save them in variables. Try this...

      ;  Use default delimiter (semicolon)
      ^!Info [L]Default:^P^P^$GetDocMatchAll(^[[:alpha:]]+)$
      ;  Define new standard delimiter
      ^!Set %Std%=^%NL%
      ^!SetListDelimiter ^%Std%
      ^!Info [L]Standard:^P^P^$GetDocMatchAll(^[[:alpha:]]+)$
      ;  Define special delimiter
      ^!SetListDelimiter " # "
      ^!Info [L]Special:^P^P^$GetDocMatchAll(^[[:alpha:]]+)$
      ^!SetListDelimiter ^%Std%
      ^!Info [L]Back to Standard:^P^P^$GetDocMatchAll(^[[:alpha:]]+)$

      against the target string...


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