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24369Search help difficulty, Open document with external program.

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  • rickah
    Mar 2, 2014
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      ^!Shell WordPad.exe "^$GetDocName$" (to view with foreign language fonts)
      ^!c:\CSE.exe "^$GetDocName$" (to validate html)
        That opens the current Notetab file in WordPad.  I often want to open a text file in another program to specially prepare the document.
         I had this in my clip library but then lost it. I could NOT find it again. I searched for hours in the "Help fille"  and online. Finally, after trying very many variations of command strings, I stumbled upon the correct format — again!  (I now back up my library to another drive.)
         Part of the problem is not being able to search using $, %, ^, !, etc.  Is there a way to do that?
      With great appreciation,
      Richard H.