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24368RE: [Clip] Keyboard commands

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  • loro
    Feb 20, 2014
      John Shotsky wrote:
      >The keyboard is this one:


      >I never use numeric keypads, and it has always annoyed me that we
      >all have to endure a numeric keypad on the RIGHT side of the
      >keyboard, where my mouse is supposed to sit. Why should everyone
      >have to have a keypad on the right side, when 99.9% of us never use
      >a numeric keypad? I actually wouldn't mind so much if it was on the
      >left, I just don't want to have to pass over it to get to the mouse
      >and back. So, a keyboard sans numeric keypad is a good solution for
      >me, and a smaller keyboard is easier to deal with in an under-desk
      >keyboard tray.

      You have a very good point there. It's in the way. I do use it, or
      try to (I didn't stay in touch typing school long enough), but it
      would be much better if it was on the left side. Why don't they make
      different keyboards for left and right handed people? I've seen
      keyboards with a separate numeric pad, bought as extra. That's also a
      good idea. I was lusting for one of those, an ergonomic thing, but it
      was pretty pricey and how long does it keyboard last? Not very, for
      me. I tend to eat at the computer...

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