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24359RE: [Clip] RE: Character class question

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  • John Shotsky
    Feb 17, 2014

      I realize that the redundancy has no meaning, I was just trying to make sure the colon was not 'touching' a bracket. On my computer, even after rebooting, I get the syntax error, and the left bracket is missing which is confusing to me. I'll try it with a few more characters that I know won't be present, and see if there is any combination that works while still including the colon and spaces. Still - I don't understand what causes it, so I can't avoid it in the future.

      I don't even have to have the subject text present - it happens on any text, like a plain old sentence.


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      > I have some text in which some lines start with spaces, (...)

      > like:

      >        :      Start of text.


      Sorry, no idea. For me, '^[: ]+' is working fine, and there is no syntax error in this.


      > I've even tried isolating the colon with spaces on both sides,
      > but that still doesn't help:
      > ^!Replace "^[\x20:\x20]+" >> "" ARSW

      This is confusing a Character Class and a pattern being defined as a specific sequence of characters. A Character Class just defines characters to be matched regardless of the position they have in the target string. So its useless to put a space twice in that Class.


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