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24333Re: [Clip] I've forgotten how to stop notetab from displaying "error messages"

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  • drbobr2k
    Feb 5, 2014
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      Not sure what this means: "When doing it manually, why do you care, or rather why don't you?
      If (part of) a clip, what you wish for is the default way already, at least
      when using the "S"ilent option:"

      In my version S = Selected not Silent.

      My version of NoteTab Pro 6.2 fv uses these codes:

      ;A: Use to replace all matched occurrences
      ;H: Only searches within selection if text is highlighted (setting ignored if no text selected).
      ;I: Ignores character case.
      ;R: Specifies that the search criteria represents a regular expression.
      ;S: specifies throughout the selected text.
      ;T: Does not search for whole words only
      ;W: Searches through the whole document

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