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24301Re: [Clip] Re: cleaning extra spaces

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 17, 2014
      Peter Hulm wrote:
      > Neither of your suggestions worked on this text
      > (the line endings are as they appear in NoteTab 7)

      That surprises me. I just tried my clip (only one) on your text example and
      it got rid of all spaces before and after newlines as requested. It did not
      touch newlines as such but thats by design.
      After you added your criterion for wanted vs. unwanted newlines John has
      already supplied a solution for that too.

      What I did is as follows

      ^!Replace "\s*\R+\s*" >> "\r\n" WRASTI

      Look for zero or more white-space-characters follwed by at least one
      newline followed by zero or more white spaces
      and replace all that with a single DOS-newline, CRLF.
      Do this starting at the top, using regular expressions, for all instances,
      silently, not limited to whole words, and disregarding capitalizing.

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