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24296Re: [Clip] cleaning extra spaces

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 16, 2014
      peterhulm@... wrote:
      > simply returning a message that \s\r\n\s was not found
      > in the whole document.

      Which is probably true.


      ^!Replace "\s*\R+\s*" >> "\r\n" WRASTI

      > I want to get rid of the paragraph marks as
      > well that split up the lines where I don't need them.

      Hard to do unless you can explain the difference between newlines you want
      and newlines you don't want. If you can explain that to anyone without
      relying on phrases like "where it makes sense" or "that I don't remember
      having inserted myself", you will also be able to explain it to NoteTab.

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