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24287Should GetDocListAll default to a case insensitive search?

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  • joy8388608
    Jan 7, 2014
      It seems to me the ^$GetDocListAll$ function should default to case sensitive since it is a RegEx expression but it is doing the opposite for me (Windows 7 NTP

      Unless I override with (?-i), GDLA defaults to ignoring case. Is this correct?

      This is a lower case goto match 1
      Testing mixed case GoTo match 2
      This is all upper GOTO match 3 if successful
      ^!Goto matches number 4
      goto match 5
      goto-no match here

      ; Collect everything after Goto and space in all lines
      ^!Set %Goto%=^$GetDocListAll(".*Goto\x20(.+)\R";$1\r\n)$
      ^!ToolBar New Document
      ^!InsertText ^%Goto%

      my results
      match 1
      match 2
      match 3 if successful
      matches number 4
      match 5