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24226Re: [Clip] CreateList clip strips quotation marks

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  • loro
    Dec 17, 2013
      eyhoffmann wrote:

      >I'm not sure what you're asking.
      >The text I'm trying to add bullets to has quotation marks. E.g.
      >"We started broad to get a real feel where people are shopping."
      >"The sale of our timberland assets was an opportunity to further our
      >strategy of monetizing lower yielding assets to recycle capital into
      >our utilities, transport and energy businesses. These transactions
      >enabled us to monetize our remaining timberland assets at attractive
      >prices reflecting their most recent third-party appraisals. With our
      >strong pipeline of investment opportunities, we will seek to
      >re-invest these proceeds at our targeted, after-tax return on equity
      >of 12-15% per annum."
      >I run the clip by selecting the above text, and invoking the
      >UnorderedList clip (this came with NTP v.6) which invokes the
      >CreateList clip and passes it UL. What I don't understand is why
      >it's stripping the quotation marks. Is there another way to
      >accomplish adding HTML bullets <li></li> to multiple paragraphs of
      >text that doesn't delete the quotation marks?

      Now I understand even less. The clip you showed can't do that. It
      creates a start tag and a closing tag from the selected string and
      put the number of list items I want between them. If I type and
      select UL, run the clip and and choose 3 list items, this is the result.


      Had I selected a bunch of text it would put the whole lot in the tags
      it creates. Did you post the wrong snip of code maybe?

      I thought the problem quotes were those in the actual clip. If you
      replace them with a another characters, for instance # like this

      ^!Set %Count%=^?{How many items?=1|2|_3|4|5|6|7|8|9}
      ^!InsertHtml <^&>^P^$StrFill(# <LI></LI>^P#;^%Count%)$</^&>^P
      ^!Goto End

      and run the clip the below is the result and I couldn't for the life
      of me understand why you wanted quotes placed like that.

      # <li></li>
      ## <li></li>
      ## <li></li>

      If you after all want that, as said, double quotes should work.

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