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24188Re: [Clip] Phantom double-quote (") character appearingin clip output

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  • loro
    Nov 19, 2013
      At 07:35 2013-11-19, Axel Berger wrote:
      >loro wrote:
      > > Well, I use the case I prefer to begin with, so what's the need?
      >It also trims empty attributes. You can achieve that with InsertText too
      >of course, but at the price of extra code. And then you can write the
      >kind of document you don't normally, i.e. xhtml instead of HTML by just
      >setting one variable and continue to use all your clip library. I've
      >never found InsertHtml to do anything unexpected myself.

      I think you confuse ^!InsertHTML with ^!InsertWizardHtml. The latter
      does what you describe. Which also can be troublesome because some
      attributes are required, even if empty, like action for FORM and alt
      for IMG. I don't use that one either. But I agree, with shared clips
      I guess some of those things can be useful.

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