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24184Re: [Clip] Phantom double-quote (") character appearing in clip output

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  • Ian NTnerd
    Nov 18, 2013

      I'd declare the variables first, just for readability
      ^!set %activate%=^?[(T=C)How will pop-up be activated?==_onMouseover|onClick]
      ^!set %google%=^?[Link URL?=http://www.google.com]

      I'd take out the style attribute and use a class and css instead.
      I don't use ^!inserthtml, I tend to use ^!appendtofile. Id break it up so it is on different lines with multiple ^!inserthtml for readability.

      The issue at hand:

      onmouseover="return overlib('<a href=\'http://www.google.com\'"
      Is a valid attribute structure.

      Though the JavaScript seems to be missing a closing ) or is the following stuff part of the JS? I don't speak JS much.

      Try  ^!inserttext to see if the result is different.


      On 19/11/2013 5:54 AM, fredmorris66@... wrote:

      Take a look at the output from the clip below, the double-quote symbol at the end of the URL should not be there. 'http://www.google.com\'". But I can't for the life of me get rid of it. Nowhere in the clip am I asking for it to be inserted, and the javascript that I am referencing will not run correctly with it there!!!

      Anyone got any ideas? Is this a hidden bug? Or am I missing something?

      Clip code:

      ^!InsertHtml <A style="text-decoration: none" href="javascript:void(0);"^?[(T=C)How will pop-up be activated?==_onMouseover|onClick]="return overlib('<a href=\'^?[Link URL?=http://www.google.com]\'>^?[Link description?]</a>', STICKY, ^?[(T=C)Orientation in relation to mouse pointer?==CENTER|LEFT|_RIGHT], ^?[(T=C)Above or below the link text?==_BELOW|ABOVE]) "onMouseOut="return nd();">^?[Link Text]</A>


      <a style="text-decoration: none" href="javascript:void(0);"onmouseover="return overlib('<a href=\'http://www.google.com\'">Try here</a>', STICKY, RIGHT, BELOW) "onMouseOut="return nd();">Where can I find stuff?</a>

      Thanks in advance


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