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24132Re: [Clip] REGEX Search Backward

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  • Axel Berger
    Nov 3, 2013
      nullclip@... wrote:
      > Is there a single character (^%NL%) that includes both?

      Yes the \R. It summarizes all legal line ends but does NOT work in
      negative classes.

      > If both are required to form a new line, then why
      > does their order matter?

      This is not a list of possible characters, like a class in square
      brackets, but a phrase that has to occur in that precise form, just like
      http or anything else. In all systems related to DOS the two character
      sequence \r\n constitutes a line end. The historical reason is that in
      teletypes a carriage return (to the left edge) and a line feed are two
      distinct mechanical processes and that they take time. Unless you
      allowed for that time by sending two characters instead of just one the
      next printable one would have been lost.

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