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24099Save Code page question

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  • John Shotsky
    Oct 28, 2013

      I open files that come from the internet using a code page as follows:

      ^!Open "^%IndexFile%" /C=65001

      Often these pages are Unicode, so I open them that way, then write a header, then save the file then close it.


      My question is this:

      If I just use ^!Close Save, after having opened it as a code page, will it save as the code page or do I have to explicitly save as that code page? Is it dependent on any preference settings? I ask, because if not properly saved, some characters are inevitably converted to question marks, after which there is no way to discover what they originally were. I know that I can save as, which is what I have been doing, but I wonder if I can just open such a file, write a header into it, and then Close, Save without having NoteTab save it as a different code page.



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