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RE: [nslu2-linux] howto upload firmware from OpenSlug

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  • John Bowler
    From: Jelle Alten ... Redboot? What s that? Certainly it s got nothing to do with upgrading an NSLU2. ... Well, it s in there, on the page
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 20, 2005
      From: Jelle Alten
      >Tell me, how does one do this again, from OpenSlug, by the command
      >line interface? Can't find it in the >Wiki... I even tried commands
      >like: reboot_redboot and please_go_into_redboot_now but that was
      >not it...

      Redboot? What's that? Certainly it's got nothing to do with upgrading an

      >Tempted to add something to the wiki...

      Well, it's in there, on the page

      I found this by going to www.openslug.org, selecting the link at the top of
      that page which encouraged me to look at the OpenSlug home page, scanned the
      home page and selected the 'UsingTheBinary' link then clicked on the
      'UpgradingOpenSlugToANewRelease'. Of course I wrote it so I have some vague
      memory that it was there somewhere but I can't see any way of making it more
      obvious without making other important stuff less obvious.

      There's a lot of badly organised stuff on the wiki, but I don't think this
      is an example of it. It's pretty important that this stuff is accessible to
      new OpenSlug users and I think it is. (BTW I wouldn't do the stuff at the
      end of the page - it will destroy the configuration on your machine if you
      have changed it from the flash, in particular it will destroy the ipkg
      status file and this is bad news as ipkg upgrade will stop working.)

      John Bowler <jbowler@...>
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