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Unslung 6.x Documentation

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  • Philip Johnson
    /* This message was sent to our friendly-documentation list by Craig, but seen as I think you lot would be interested and we need your feedback (I didn t get
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2005
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      /* This message was sent to our friendly-documentation list by Craig,
      but seen as I think you lot would be interested and we need your
      feedback (I didn't get any with the previous mail *sobs*), here it is */

      After a couple of weeks of work we have pulled together a snippet of
      the "Unslung for new users" documentation for individuals to look
      over. The version provided is currently in pdf. The end product will
      be in both pdf and html. To view this documentation please visit:

      A big thank you goes out to Philip who has put in quite a bit of time
      creating the formatting which I think it looks pretty darn good and a
      lot more professional that I had anticipated.

      There are a lot of neat features to this documentation that we believe
      will be very helpful for new users. We have tried to point out
      potential pitfalls with Warning sections, Tips sections for easy
      instillation and Notes sections for other pieces of information. Each
      topic area within the text attempts to tackle three core concepts.
      What is it? Why is it important? How do I do it? This coupled with
      the additional pieces of information will hopefully provide users a
      little more information to work with than the standard readme and wiki
      information. We hope to not only get users to install the firmware
      but providing an education in what they are doing, why they are doing
      it so that they can focus upon utilization of modules/packages rather
      than configuration and instillation.

      With that said the basic frame work of the project is largely in place
      with goals set for the future. In the very near future we will be
      adding a section for notation used in the text, Appendices for
      slightly more advanced users and a little down the road we will be
      adding some glossary and common commands. Perhaps most importantly we
      will be adding a section for a check list for installing the unslung
      firmware. We believe this will provide a concrete way for people to
      ensure they are installing things properly rather than relying on
      links to the web in the readme file.

      The group will also be branching out when the project is released.
      Many of these projects are in pre-implementation phase. Once
      processes are more concrete we will provide additional information so
      that members can become more involved. During the next couple of
      weeks we will be contacting nslu2-general and nslu2-linux to gather
      active group members for participation in the group. We will announce
      when this is to be done.

      We have had several discussions about methods of getting people
      involved in the project. I have become more than disappointed in the
      response from the group about participation. In fact there has been
      absolutley no participation. So while this is somewhat controversial
      I'll be removing inactive members October 1st. This isn't to be mean
      and each of you are more than welcome to join back up when you are
      able to be involved. However this group will only contain those
      individuals contributing to the project. That way we may look at the
      list and know who to contact to get things done rather than waiting
      for someone out of the 37 to step forward.

      I hope each of you contact us for methods of involvement. Here are a
      few positions we are going to need the first two are the ones we need
      right away:

      Editors - Edit the documents
      Writers – Write the document
      Technical Advisors – Ensure correct technical information
      Instillation Testors – Ensure instillation instructions fool proof
      Feedback Coordinator – Coordinate all the feedback into useable form
      Feedback Tracker – track feedback and assign tasks to subgroups based
      on membership
      New Users Feedback Tracker – Develop and deploy methods of tracking
      new users problems
      Researchers – Research message logs for common problems, research
      solutions to problems in co-ordination with technical advisors

      I hope to have a basic org chart up pretty soon on how information is
      going to flow within the group. Hopefully once everything is set up
      the amount of time actually required to do this stuff will be minimal
      as everyone is busy. Regardless this is a great opportunity to get
      involved with a neat project that is starting form the ground up.
      Just pick a place to plug yourself in. Just make sure it is something
      that you can do….if you can't do the job you'll be
      replaced….especially those in leadership positions.

      SO……………..get involved by October 1st!


      Philip Johnson (PlasticMonkey) <plasticmonkey@...>
      Office Tel: +44 (0)20 7870 2206 Skype Me: plasticmonkey
      IRC.freenode.net: philipjohnson Jabber/GTalk:
      http://www.phillybob.co.uk http://
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