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  • joshspotts
    Trying to get SWAT running and so far I ve been unsuccessful. Checked the logs (log.swat in particular) and I see this: [2005/07/31 12:16:32, 0]
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2005
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      Trying to get SWAT running and so far I've been unsuccessful.
      Checked the logs (log.swat in particular) and I see this:

      [2005/07/31 12:16:32, 0] source/param/loadparm.c:map_parameter(2462)
      Unknown parameter encountered: "client code page"
      [2005/07/31 12:16:32, 0] source/param/loadparm.c:lp_do_parameter
      Ignoring unknown parameter "client code page"

      My system is running unslung-5.5-beta with the Linksys V2.3R29
      firmware. I have bash, bind, cron, nano, ncurses, openldap-libs,
      openssh, openssl, samba (3.0.14a-6), xget, xinetd, zlib. And
      various other support packages and so on. All packages are up to
      date as of this posting.

      I have the redirection script for enabling swat, as mentioned in
      wiki, installed in my /unslung directory. And I have even tried
      starting swat by putting the service file "swat" in my xinetd.d
      directory with this configuration;

      default: off
      # description: SWAT is the Samba Web Admin Tool. Use swat \
      # to configure your Samba server. To use SWAT, \
      # connect to port 901 with your favorite web browser.
      service swat
      port = 901
      socket_type = stream
      wait = no
      user = root
      server = /opt/sbin/swat
      log_on_failure += USERID
      disable = no

      I also have 901/tcp in the services file in /etc (really though it
      was already in there when I checked).

      When I go to I just get the "This page
      cannot be displayed" error.

      I should also note that only when I go to /opt/sbin and run swat (by
      entering "swat" and hitting return) does the error above in the
      log.swat file get generated (the process appears to start and I am
      not returned to shell prompt). I've checked to see and it does
      appear that a process is started when I run swat from the command
      line (checked by starting another ssh session). But still no
      response when I attempt to web access. The error doesn't appear to
      be generated at reboot.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
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