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Re: Lost Telnet completely! Sensible questions, please help!

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  • gruffnutz666
    I m thinking about this before I do anything (else) stupid. (That s learning that is!!!) The error messages were the same with or without a disk attached (and
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 27, 2005
      I'm thinking about this before I do anything (else) stupid. (That's
      learning that is!!!)

      The error messages were the same with or without a disk attached (and
      rebooted as appropriate of course).

      I havn't created any 'extra' users.

      I could restore an old config but the last backup config I have was
      for r29. I'm worried that as it has no telnet enabled in r29 it may
      also have no root user.

      I don't believe the /share/hdd/conf/passwd is the problem though it
      may have been damaged as I have no telnet with no disk.

      The /usr/local/etc/passwd is in the flash so a 'reset
      config' might do it.

      The 'backup config' file apparently (according to wiki) contains...


      As most of these files are on the hdd I'm unsure if this would reset
      the user folder on the flash. What does the 'reset config' replace I

      I think reflashing is probably the way to go. I assume 3.18 will not
      mind flashing over itself (in maint mode). Any precautions I should
      take (drives disconnected of course)???

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Kai Steinbach <kai.steinbach@g...>
      > Hello gruffnutz666,
      > On 27/04/05, gruffnutz666 wrote:
      > > I know there's probably a flame a'coming ,but...
      > Naah, don't worry.
      > > Having read the wiki, the install readme, the 'change password from
      > > the command line' page, the FAQ and the previous posts on lost Telnet
      > > Password,
      > Good!
      > > I now get the following error messages when I try to start Telnet:
      > Is that with or without harddrive attached ?
      > Background: One of the features of Unslung 3.x is that you can
      > actually change the files in the flash memory. Hence it is possible to
      > damage the passwd that is used when you boot the slug without hd, I
      > think. I'm not too sure, because I use a full external hd as my root
      > in Unslung 4.x and like this much better. If I mess anything up, I
      > always have a working slug by simply booting it without hd. (Unslung
      > 4.x only requires a few more alpha testers until a beta release).
      > > From my limited knowlege, the Slug is dumping all the user info and
      > > the encrypted passwords in the error messages,
      > yes, looks like it to me.
      > > so the info I need to
      > > rebuild the /usr/local/etc/passwd file should all be there.
      > It doesn't look as if you created many new users, have you?
      > So you could either restore the old one OR probably start with a fresh
      > one would probably just be as good ...
      > > Questions:
      > > 1. Can I rebuild the /usr/local/etc/passwd file?
      > > 2. How can I edit it without Telnet enabled?
      > well, without telnet access this is pretty difficult.
      > > 3. Would a reflash and Resling rebuild the file?
      > As far as I know this would definitely rebuild the passwd file that is
      > used when no hd is attached. So I would probably try the following
      > things:
      > - reflash and boot with no hd. enable telnet and telnet into the slug.
      > - save the default unslung passwd file from the flash to some other
      > temporary location, could be /var ...
      > - attach the hd
      > - copy the temporary passwd over the damaged one from the hd. make
      > sure you find all copies of it, and take care of the soft link ... the
      > wiki is your friend here.
      > Having said all that, I was also wondering, if the Reset Button is any
      > help on this topic? I thought, by pressing it for some time (?) you
      > can get back to the default settings? Not sure if this is only for the
      > IP address and such, or if this also recreates the passwd file. I
      > couldn't find this in the wiki, but the Linksys hand book should say
      > some' about that, doesn't it?
      > Please let us know the progress of your recovery, and make sure you
      > confirm the above or document any new findings in the wiki
      > accordingly!
      > Good luck. Hope this helps.
      > Kai
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