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Re: possible to mod the slug for gigabit ethernet?

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  • Trevor
    ... breaking it ... I never said it would be easy. Just that it s technically possible but for various reasons it s not worth doing it. ... could ... to ... A
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 27, 2005
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      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Manu Abraham <manu@k...> wrote:
      > Work on Hardware is not that easy. Usually, would result in
      breaking it
      > in the first case, trying to do modifications..

      I never said it would be easy. Just that it's technically possible
      but for various reasons it's not worth doing it.

      > to a small host bus.) The "glue logic" could vary.. If somebody
      > work with a FPGA as a glue logic to the ASIC based GigE, interfaced
      > the PCI bus then all that would make sense.. But it is quite some

      A few of us do actually have the necessary experience to do this.
      Time, money and motivation being the main limiting factors...

      > an idea here.. but quite difficult, if you can get the processor,
      > from the PCB, extend it vertically upwards (it would be a real
      > Then the PCI expansion connections could be tapped out.

      It'd be easier and cheaper to just buy a development board like the
      IXDP425 kit if you're doing all that. The board has a IXP425 instead
      of the IXP420 we've got in the NSLU2 so you can use the crypto
      features as well if you wish and it has the full complement of
      interfaces. The PCI bus is brought out to a slot as well.

      - Trevor
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