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SlugNews -- Issue #1 11/12/04

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  • trb
    SlugNews -- The world-wide news of nslu2-linux Vol 1. Issue 1 11/23/04 The Linksys NSLU2 NAS box is an average home network attached storage device.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2004
      SlugNews -- The world-wide news of nslu2-linux Vol 1. Issue 1

      The Linksys NSLU2 NAS box is an average home network attached storage
      device. However, in the hands of a group of world-wide computer
      enthusiasts, it's a general-purpose Linux development platform.
      SlugNews aims to bring a summary of the activities on the nslu2-linux
      projects to interested observers.


      Slug is the pet name for the NSLU2. Due to time/space issues we may
      cover this history in a later issue. Slug development activity is not
      even 4 months old. Development activity breadth and depth is
      staggering. The range and breadth of activity is based on several

      1) World-wide open development (leading to SlugTime -- 40 hour days 10
      hours in 4 timezones with overlap).
      2) A sizable group of seasoned developers and members for a new
      3) Most importantly, there is a friendly (by Internet standard)
      communicative meritocratic community.

      In this information age, we live by the communication of relevant
      information. Short of a Phone Calling Card, nslu2-linux has just about
      all the means necessary to promote pertinent communication among its
      members. Web Sites, Internet-Relay-Chat, Wiki's, Message groups, CVS,
      BitKeeper repositories, SourceForge projects, and even fund raising!

      See http://www.nslu2-linux.org for more information.

      All of these tools are useless without motivated, intelligent people
      working to solve problems and issues. That is where the nslu2-linux
      community really shines. The community is not perfect , but overall it
      is a truly magnificent with many things to be proud about.

      "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" so the saying goes.
      Thanks to Jim Buzbee who helped fuel the nslu2 craze by publishing
      some internal information and how to get telnet access to the box
      early on. Also, to the OpenWRT project that demonstrates great
      firmware replacement for the Linksys WRT54G wireless AP. Finally,
      special thanks to rwhitby who created the Yahoo mailing list, IRC
      channel, registered the nslu2-linux.org domain, CVS repository, key in
      setting up the www.nslu2-linux.org wiki, BitKeeper repository, and has
      drove Unslung development. kergoth (Chris L.) also deserves special
      mention for helping nslu2-linux get (and staying) running on

      Overview of SW milestones

      During the last 3 months there have been the following milestones in
      CVS and OpenEmbedded (oe):

      Now deprecated:
      1) (CVS) Makefile for building firmware with 2.4 kernel and Intel
      drivers (CSR+NPE)
      2) (CVS) Makefile for building firmware with the 2.6.7/9 kernel and
      Intel drivers (CSR+NPE)
      3) (CVS) Unslung 1.x releases (binary and source release) over 1K

      In development:
      4) (CVS) unslung ipkg packages
      5) (OE) Unslung 2.x releases -- (binary and source release) over 500
      6) (OE) Unslung 3.x Alpha releases (jffs2 fs)
      7) (OE) Openslug 1.x Alpha release (jffs2 fs)


      Now deprecated:
      8) (CVS) Slugtool -- important tool for splitting/joining Linksys
      NSLU2 flash images

      In development:

      9) (CVS) Sluggo -- tool to build Redboot
      10) (CVS) SlugImage -- perl replacement for slugtool with major
      additions like the FIS directory and JFFS2 partitions.
      11) (CVS) UpSlug -- a non-web based firmware image update tool
      12) (OE) Switchbox -- a minimal rootfs allowing switching between root

      HW milestones
      13) Operational JTAG reflashing and rumors of a slug with additional
      memory :)
      14) Of course there is serial port support
      15) Testing of other buses
      16) The SaltedSlug -- the bare PCB board used to verify traces

      17) SlugBug is a bug tracking tool.


      Long-term, SlugNews will focus on weekly or semi-weekly updates as to
      what's happening in the #nslu2-linux IRC channel on freenode.net.
      Before beginning, please forgive me if I've forgotten anyone or
      anything it's because of my senility, really it's nothing personal.
      Here's a summary of the last couple weeks activities:

      * unslung continues to progress with jffs2 support and the
      consolidation of several images down to -standard and -able
      * upslug is working. This allows firmware upgrades via the network
      without using the web interface. It used the upgrade capability in the
      device and can be triggered in a couple of different ways.
      * openslug has made great progress and is getting closer to beta.
      * slugimage was created and is working.
      * jacques successfully used JTAG to recover a corrupted Redboot in
      flash. This occurred during early jffs2 development.
      * developers are more familiar with OE. This means kergoth is now
      bugged by less start questions.

      Cheers [g2]
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