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Re: [nslu2-linux] PROFTPd doesnt work/start when Asterisk is running.

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  • Robert Hammond
    In message , jawohl911 writes ... Not too sure if this is relevant, but I noticed that package asterisk16-addons
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 29, 2010
      In message <hjptmq+i3b5@...>, jawohl911 <jawohl911@...>

      >Hi everyone,
      >Whenever I try to start proftpd when asterisk is running, i get "Fork
      >:resource unavailable" error, and it doesnt launch.
      >If I start proftpd and asterisk isnt running, I can log into the ftp server
      >without any problem. However, as soon as I start asterisk, the proftpd
      >process will keep existing, but I can't connect to the server anymore.
      >I have a 128mb swap file on my 2GB usb key. 7MB of those 128 are being
      >The normal 32 MB of memory are almost all used though : 592k free.
      >I remember slimming asterisk a while ago, but I have added a few modules
      >since then.
      >Also, I'm believe that this asterisk+proftpd combo worked before, when I
      >was using a hard drive instead of the usb key. The usb key is a clone of
      >the hdd, so the config should be the same.
      >I'm quite the newbie in linux and am still amazed I got so many things
      >working on that little thing, so any help would be very welcome.
      Not too sure if this is relevant, but I noticed that package
      asterisk16-addons had build issues partly because the core asterisk16
      package has recently been updated and partly due to some issues with the
      make file.

      So tonight I have fixed this and uploaded a new asterisk16-addons.mk
      file to the SVN. The fixed package should be available in the Optware
      feeds shortly at package revision
      Robert Hammond
      592B 0199 2D7F FC05 C4B1 0404 2258 4471 1541 44DA
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