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  • Mai Kee Reis
    Mike answered to a question from Mai: ________________________________________________________________________ 2b. Re: Umlauts and find -exec (Curly Braces)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2010
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      Mike answered to a question from Mai:
      2b. Re: Umlauts and find -exec (Curly Braces)
          Posted by: "Mike Westerhof (mwester)" mwester@... mjwest61
          Date: Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:24 am ((PST))
      Mai Kee Reis wrote:
      Hi folks,
      I have some simple scripts to adjust rights of files, after some one
      copied files to the file store (script at end of the mail).
      This script sometimes finds filenames with German Umlauts and then can
      not execute the -exec term.
      In such cases, I only get:
          find: ./Aerzte, Die/Die Ärzte  - Friedenspanzer.mp3: No such file
      or directory
          find: ./Aerzte, Die/Die Ärzte - Lest Die Pravda.mp3: No such file
      or directory
      How can I forcce the {} to use these files?
      The best would be to convert all the non-latin stuff to easy writing, so
      'Ä' should become 'Ae'.
      But even this cant be done by find -f -exec, or?
      I could also imagine to temporarily convert my filesystems i18n
      settings, renaming the files, then set it back to ... (whatever,
      wherever its configured)
      Any hint for me?
      Yes.  Perhaps you can tell us what firmware you are running, and if the
      find command is the real find command or a symbolic link to busybox.
      -Mike (mwester)

      Sorry, you're right, I should have written down this!
      Its again the SlugOS/LE 5.3 system of my other question:
          Linux Nslu2.home #1 Sat Mar 7 06:32:59 UTC 2009 armv5tel unknown unknown GNU/Linux

      :~# which find

      :~# file /usr/bin/find
      /usr/bin/find: symbolic link to `../../bin/busybox'

      :~# /usr/bin/find --help
      BusyBox v1.13.2 (2009-03-07 06:52:22 UTC) multi-call binary

      I could also use some other find ... I already heared about ipkg and opkg alternatives.
      Would this be the right way?

      Please don't tell me exactly what to do. Just some valuable directions.
      It's hard to learn things by doing cut&paste only.

      best regards,

      P.S.: (mostly to mwester)
      Is anybody using sheevaplug with SlugOS/LE? Is it working stable as the NSLU2 does?
      Photos on the Marvel page looking like it is allways equipped with NEMA-1 (Type A) connector
      Is sheeva available for 230V~ with CEE 7/4 (Schuko) or CEE 7/7 (FrenchGerman Hybrid) plug?

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