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Re: Upgrade error lighttpd - libstdc++

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  • b_lindahl
    ... I m running slugos but not sure if it s BE or LE. How do I tell which one I m running and which version it is I m running? ... The content in
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 13, 2009
      >What firmware are you using?
      I'm running slugos but not sure if it's BE or LE. How do I tell which
      one I'm running and which version it is I'm running?

      >And what optware feed have you setup?
      The content in /opt/etc/ipkg.conf is
      src/gz optware
      src/gz optware-nslu2
      dest /opt/ /

      /etc/ipkg.conf doesn't contain any lines with
      src ...

      but content of the conf-files in /etc/ipkg/ is:
      # more /etc/ipkg/cross-feed.conf
      src/gz cross

      # more /etc/ipkg/native-feed.conf
      src/gz native

      So I guess I'm running slugOS 3.10 beta. Hmm..maybe it's time for an
      update of slugOS which might get rid of my problems.

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Zhou" <b88zhou@...> wrote:
      > What firmware are you using?
      > And what optware feed have you setup?
      > Regarding the update-alternative error, there's some problem in
      optware slugos5{be,le} feed that it does not explicitly use
      /opt/bin/update-alternatives. For now, set PATH to have /opt/bin in the
      front of the PATH for the shell you use /opt/bin/ipkg.
      > -Brian
      > --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "b_lindahl" <b.lindahl@> wrote:
      > >
      > > After running
      > > ipkg-opt upgrade
      > > on my system, lighttpd won't start since it need libstdc++ version 5
      > > only version 6.0.8-6 is installed after upgrade. The feed lists both
      > > version 5.0.7-6 and 6.0.8-6 of libstdc++. Could someone tell me how
      > > specify to install 5.0.7-6 instead of the latest version? (or both I
      > > guess would be a more correct solution)
      > >
      > > Also, when running ipkg-opt install or other commands, I get loads
      > > errors like this:
      > > update-alternatives: Error: cannot register alternative vdir to
      > > /opt/bin/vdir since it is already registered to /usr/bin/vdir
      > >
      > > Could someone tell me how to fix this it would be great.
      > >
      > > Regards
      > > Björn
      > >
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