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Help installing Aquila

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  • Lucas Mullikin
    Alright so here s the deal. I m kinda a novice. I have some linux experience, but in this case it s not enough. I m trying to setup a DC++ hub using Unslung
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2009
      Alright so here's the deal.
      I'm kinda a novice.
      I have some linux experience, but in this case it's not enough.
      I'm trying to setup a DC++ hub using Unslung V2.3R63
      and the newest build of Aquila.

      I copied the steps from install directions on NSLU2-Linux.org

      This descripion is for unslung. you can remove samba nmbd,do

      killall thttpd

      and stop unp,and remvove evrything a DC hub dont need since it must to be dedicated.

      type in terminal

      ipkg install optware-devel ( a 150 mb download)
      ipkg install lua

      When Lua installation is finished everything is prepared for aquila installation

      mkdir hubinstall

      mkdir hub

      cd /hubinstall

      IMPORTANT.: Dont use version 0.1.8 becuse it seems start but dont on a slug

      wget http://shania.nl.googlepages.com/aquila-0.1.11-pre1.tar.gz


      wget http://www.sanitarium.selfip.com/index.php?dir=aquila-0.1.11/&file=aquila-0.1.11-pre1.tar.gz

      tar zxvf aquila-0.1.11-pre1.tar.gz

      cd aquila-0.1.11-pre1

      ./configure --with-lua-includes=/opt/include/ --with-lua-libraries=/opt/lib/


      as root do

      make install

      I downloaded the package, created the folders, set the permissions.
      But I get lost at the "tar zxvf aquila-0.1.11-pre1.tar.gz"
      So i simply used WINRAR on my computer to unpack the archive and the copied it to the appropriate folder.

      Then I did the "cd aquila-0.1.11-pre1" command the enter the folder I copied to the slug.
      And this is where I get stuck I dont understand the

      " ./configure --with-lua-includes=/opt/include/ --with-lua-libraries=/opt/lib/


      as root do

      make install"

      commands. it would be much appreciated if someone could tell me where to go from there.

      Thanks ahead of time!
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