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Re: Can't run ScanDisk under Unslung 1.11beta

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  • mdadmnslu2
    ... use ... connections will be dropped ... network ... one PC booted, ... I did have the same problem. My knowledge of linux is allmost nill. Have Unslung
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 2, 2004
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      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "Ian White" <iandavidwhite@h...>
      > I am happilly running Unslung 1.11beta
      > Almost everything is working just fine:
      > I have 6 shares with 6 backup jobs, running on various schedules
      > (yep, I figured out how to manually add/configure more than the
      > 5 backup jobs allowed by the web admin)
      > Telnet is permanently enabled
      > And NTPclient is keeping the slug in perfect time-sync
      > Just one small problem:
      > In addition to the various backups
      > I'm also trying to run ScanDisk on a schedule once per week
      > Unfortunately it is always failing, reporting that the disk is in-
      > the report is timed about 5 minutes after the scheduled start time
      > I have tried running ScanDisk from the web admin "disks" page.
      > It seems to start okay, including prompting me to confirm that all
      connections will be dropped
      > but after about 5 minutes it too reports that the Disk is in-use
      > I have even tried a scheduled backup with all the other PCs on the
      > shutdown and I have tried a manually-initiated backup, with just
      one PC booted,
      > but with no connected shares
      > I have yet to try a sheduled backup with the network disconnected.
      > The ScanDisk used to work under the stock firmware
      > Anyone have any ideas about might be going wrong?
      > Thanks from an otherwise happy Unslung user
      > Ian W.

      I did have the same problem. My knowledge of linux is allmost nill.
      Have Unslung 1.11 installed and a few packages, among which
      permanently runnung mt-daapd. My scheduled scandisk tasks did not
      work. I was able to run scandisk after killing the mt-daapd service
      using "killall mt-daapd". Maybe you could try the same for the extra
      services you have running.
      As I am replying anyway, could anyone tell me how I am able to check
      wheather the ntpclient is running and syncing. This because I am not
      sure if it is running and I have not been able to do all things as
      described in the package how to.
      Anyway Ian, good luck.
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