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Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: Unslung & fuppes

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  • Pierre-François (f5bqp_pfm)
    OK, I see, in my particular need it s different because the codecs are embedded into the High Definition H&B DNX-8620 divx video player attached to the network
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 29, 2008
      OK, I see, in my particular need it's different because the codecs are embedded into the High Definition H&B DNX-8620 divx video player attached to the network and to the 42" TV set.
      My only concern in this application is to benefit the fuppes UPnP from the slug to pump the videos from the NAS toward the video player which requires the UPnP protocol.
      The NAS DNS-323 has also the UPnP embedded but there is a fatal limitation, it shows only 30 files per directory and I've 400GB of videos stored! Too bad...
      So the idea is to use fuppes on the slug to replace a too large and noisy XP PC doing the job for the moment.
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      Pierre-François (f5bqp_pfm <pfmonet@... > writes:

      > Hi Adam,
      > Thanks for your reply.
      > What do you mean by slow? It cannot pump video
      > properly?

      No, the slowness is in navigating through the directory
      structure (I run with playlist representation= file). I
      only use it for music, I did once attempt video but there
      were some codec issues that meant it didn't work and I
      didn't persue it as music was my main requirement.

      > I was wondering switching to openwrt or debian, but
      > I don't know which advantages it would bring me compared to unslung.

      It's a tough choice to work out which is best for a particular
      need. If some of the rough edges get tidied up on OpenWRT then I
      can see it being a good default choice but there is work still to
      do yet.

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