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Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: Trac install issue on mybook world following nslu2 guide

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  • tony hughes
    so i should use /opt/bin/svn import /shares/internal/PUBLIC/svn/svn-repo/personal/ file:/shares/internal/... -m initial import Personal sorry have not really
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 26, 2008
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      so i should use /opt/bin/svn import /shares/internal/PUBLIC/svn/svn-repo/personal/ file:/shares/internal/... -m "initial import Personal" sorry have not really dealt much with svn import

      On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 2:28 AM, Brian Zhou <b88zhou@...> wrote:

      file URL should be file:///shares/internal/...

      If I understand correctly, file:// is for specifying protocol, then
      "/shares/internal/..." is the path. In total, three slashes.

      The error message seems to correctly indicate that.

      Good luck,

      -Brian Zhou

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "tony hughes"

      <tony.john.hughes@...> wrote:
      > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/RunTrac
      > Stuck on the following any one be able to give me a hand?
      > [root@MyBookWorld /]# /opt/bin/svn import
      > /shares/internal/PUBLIC/svn/svn-repo/personal/
      > file:/shares/internal/PUBLIC/svn/svn-repo/personal/ -m "initial import
      > Personal"
      > svn: Invalid URL 'file:/shares/internal/PUBLIC/svn/svn-repo/personal'

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