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Re: [nslu2-linux] What firmware should I use for a dedicated Asterisk NSLU2?

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  • Ovidiu Sas
    Hi Drew, If you really want to have your uncluttered config dir, just create your own /opt/etc/my-asterisk, put all your configs there (modify astetcdir =
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 17, 2007
      Hi Drew,

      If you really want to have your "uncluttered" config dir, just create your own /opt/etc/my-asterisk, put all your configs there (modify astetcdir => /opt/etc/my-asterisk inside /opt/etc/my-asterisk/asterisk.conf) and start asterisk with '-C /opt/etc/my-asterisk' and there you go.

      Ovidiu Sas

      On 9/17/07, Drew Gibson <aggibson@...> wrote:

      Thanks Ovidiu,

      It's not a problem, per se, I just find it annoying. It's not my idea of "best practice".
      My modules.conf is stripped down to the minimum for my needs but I prefer to work with an "uncluttered" config dir, just the files that are in use. There is also the risk that something will default to "on" without my knowledge when a new config file arrives.
      Am I not entitled to the delusion that I know what I'm doing? :-)

      Perhaps it comes from years of dealing with bloat in that well known closed-source OS.



      Ovidiu Sas wrote:

      Hi Drew,

      Having the all config files doesn't affect the overall functionality, as long as you unloaded all the 'unwanted' modules.  I have all the config files under ./etc/asterisk directory and the config is slimmed using the unload directive in modules.conf.

      Ovidiu Sas

      On 9/17/07, Drew Gibson < aggibson@...> wrote:

      Hi John,

      I run Asterisk 1.4 at home on a de-underclocked slug with the basic
      Unslung firmware. The slug is unslung to a 20GB 2.5" hard drive (left
      over from a laptop upgrade, it's a few years old) stuck in a $15 USB 2
      case. Even 20GB is overkill as the full install uses under 320MB! Look
      around for a small HDD on ebay or local stores. Asterisk is installed
      and updated with "dpkg", my only complaint is that dpkg insists on
      re-installing all the * config files that I have tidily removed (it
      doesn't overwrite the files I have modified).



      John Klimek wrote:
      > I'd like to setup my spare NSLU2 as a dedicated Asterisk server. It
      > won't be doing ANYTHING except for Asterisk.
      > It looks like my best options are Debian/NSLU2 and SlugOS.
      > I've used Linux before and know the very basics (eg. where config
      > files are stored, how to install packages, etc) and I've compiled the
      > kernel a few times, but that's all I know.
      > Which firmware should I use?
      > Also, can I NOT use a HDD on this Asterisk NSLU2 but use NFS (or
      > something?) to store all files (even the OS) on my other NSLU2's HDD?
      > What kind of performance hit would this be?
      > I have a cheap USB stick to use as a temporary HDD for the Asterisk
      > NSLU2, but I wish I could find a cheap USB 2.0 external drive...

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