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RE: [nslu2-linux] Using Slug to play Internet radio

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  • Thomas Reitmayr
    Hi Dave, you just add the URL of the radio stream itself (using the frontend of your choice), eg. echo -e add
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 27, 2007
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      Hi Dave,
      you just add the URL of the radio stream itself (using the frontend of
      your choice), eg.

      echo -e 'add http://scfire-ntc0l-1.stream.aol.com:80/stream/1018\nclose' |
      nc nslu2 6600

      which adds 'groove salad' to your playlist with 'nslu2' being your slug's
      address. AFAIK adding a playlist as a single entry in your MPD's playlist
      does not currently work, so to get a playlist with all your favorite
      stations you need to download each station's playlist and for each take
      one of the available URLs.

      --- Dave Hooper <dave@...> schrieb:

      > > > Jon,
      > > > You can use MPD ("Music Player Daemon" - www.musicpd.org), which
      > itself
      > > > only provides a network interface. You can choose various GUIs which
      > > > connect to MPD on your slug and you can even control MPD from the
      > command
      > > > line just using 'nc'.
      > > > I use the buttons of the USB sound card (lead to a breakout box)
      > together
      > > > with nc to switch channels back and forth and start/stop playing.
      > > > -Thomas
      > >
      > > Thanks for the tip. I almost having it working.
      > Does MPD really enable you to play INTERNET radio stations? As far as
      > I know mpd only plays local files. How do you use it to play an
      > internat radio station? Is that just by placing a radio station url in
      > the .m3u playlist?
      > I use mpd with complete success on my openslug nslu2 for local audio
      > files (ogg vorbis decoded from the local nslu2 harddrive) but haven't
      > considered using it for internet radio.
      > For listening to last.fm internet radio streams on my nslu2 I use shell-
      > fm (http://nex.scrapping.cc/shell-fm/) which works very well for me.
      > The latest version is in the svn repository for shell-fm (the 1.2
      > branch). I have a couple patches to go in to resolve some minor race
      > conditions but other than that it also works perfectly for me.

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