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Re: SlugAsAudioPlayer (Unslung 6.8) again

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  • kismetcow
    ... I didn t know about mknod, and I m not sure it s necessary. I just got mpd working on an Unslung system yesterday (and I updated the SlugAsAudioPlayer
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 10, 2007
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      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "lance_benson" <lance_benson@> wrote:
      > [...]
      > I ran "mknod /dev/mixer c 14 0", but still get the message "No
      > audio_output specified and unable to detect a default audio output
      > device" when I run "mpd". "/dev/dsp" already existed.

      I didn't know about mknod, and I'm not sure it's necessary. I just
      got mpd working on an Unslung system yesterday (and I updated the
      SlugAsAudioPlayer wiki page). I had tried creating a /dev/mixer that
      was a soft-link to /dev/null (found a hint to that effect on the web)
      but it turned out not to be necessary. mpd will run with only
      /dev/dsp. My mpd.conf has:
      audio_output {
      type "oss"
      name "USB Audio (OSS)"
      device "/dev/dsp" # optional
      format "44100:16:2" # optional

      I'm currently running mpd as admin -- I have this in mpd.conf:
      user "admin"
      Since it's not as root, it doesn't have full privs and /dev/dsp was
      protected, so I had to chmod that:
      crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 14, 3 Dec 31 1969 /dev/dsp

      > [...]
      > 1) in /etc/mpd.conf I specified port "2100", a port number I copied
      > from a sample conf file. How can I determine what the port number
      > should be on my system?

      Default port is 6600; don't know where you found the 2100 value.

      > 2) I did your suggested mknod /dev/mixer for 14,0, but dmesg also
      > contains the following:
      > usbaudio: constructing mixer for Terminal 7 type 0x0101
      > usbaudio: registered mixer 14,16
      > Should I do something for mixer 14 16?

      As I said above, I have no /dev/mixer and it works. Also, the
      client's volume control causes MPD to lower the volume. If you need
      further mixing capability (e.g. other apps on the slug wanting to make
      noise) then I'd guess that won't work.

      > 3) In the wiki SlugAsAudioPlayer page, for SlugOS the alsa modules
      > are installed, but the packages don't exist for Unslung--what am I
      > missing here?

      The packages haven't been built and I just read a message in
      nslu2-general that indicated they won't be. MPD doesn't require ALSA,
      at least not to drive my USB sound (currently Logitech V10 speakers).

      > 4) Relating to the error message from mpd, what exactly constitutes
      > a "default audio output device" and how do I get it installed? I
      > guess that is the endpoint my other questions are trying to reach.

      See above audio_output clause.
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