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Re: [nslu2-linux] Unslinging after running a while using NSLU2 standard setup

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  • Mike (mwester)
    The rules regarding Unslung s port usage don t come into effect until you execute the unsling operation -- at that point, and not before, you commit yourself
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 21, 2007
      The rules regarding Unslung's port usage don't come into effect until you
      execute the "unsling" operation -- at that point, and not before, you commit
      yourself to running the target device on a specific port.

      So until you flash the Unslung firmware, and get to the point where you've
      telnet'd in and run the "unsling" command, you are free to swap the disk
      devices back and forth at will.

      Mike (mwester)

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      Subject: [nslu2-linux] Unslinging after running a while using NSLU2 standard

      Hi everybody,

      I am a newbie to the NSLU2 and I guess I made a little mistake during
      the very first setup steps (which I did on the pure (non-unslung) slug
      even before I upgraded to 2.3R63).
      What I did was to format my soon to be DATA drive as native ext3 and
      put it in slot 1. I am still not sure anymore what caused me to do it
      but I believe I was just asked by the UI of the slug to do so, and it
      was late, I was young and my NAS worked like a charm within minutes...
      According to "Which USB Port Should I Use For my Root Device?" there
      is a problem if one is using two natively formatted drives at once if
      unslinging the device.
      I realized now that I am in a little dead end if I want to to unsling
      the NSLU2 using another HD and Unslung 6.x and I intend to do the
      following steps to revert out.

      Assumption (conlcuded from my readings): I need a native ext 3 on my
      root device (for simplicities sake let's name the drive BOOT) on USB
      port 2, and I intend to have a NTFS formatted disk (named DATA) on USB
      port 1).
      My approach is basically:

      1) I have to copy all data from my DATA drive to a backup HD on the net
      2) I have to unplug DATA and link it via USB directly to my XP box
      3) Format DATA using NTFS
      4) Plug my soon-to-be BOOT HD into my NSLU2 USB slot 2 and format it
      ext3 natively using the NSLU2 web interface
      5) Install Unslung 6 on BOOT
      6) Plug my DATA hd into USB Port 1
      7) Copy data from my backup HD to DATA

      As I have already a couple of GBytes on DATA this will take quite a
      while and I wonder if there is a way to get around the re-format.
      It would be great if someone could just give me the thumbs up for this
      approach or provide me additional input.

      Thanks to everybody who has taken his time to read my posting in advance.

      Greetings Torsten
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