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Re: Wiki Preview (was: ForcePowerAlwaysOn and IC equivalence)

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  • chris_burghart
    ... not welcome. ... Have you tried File - Save Page As... (from Firefox, although I m sure other browsers have a similar choice) while you re in the wiki
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2007
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      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "Phil Endecott"
      <spam_from_nslu2_linux@...> wrote:
      > Olivier Guilyardi wrote:
      > > Btw, the "Preview" button did not work.
      > This has been a problem for a long time. If I recall correctly,
      > Preview only works with Internet Explorer.
      > I have tried to understand why, but I have been prevented by some sort
      > of anti-hacking technology; when I try to download the Javascript that
      > the edit page uses, I get this:
      > <html>
      > <head>
      > <title>Forbidden</title>
      > </head>
      > <body>
      > <h1>Forbidden</h1>
      > <p>
      > Don't do that okay? Trying to download the entire website is
      not welcome.
      > </p>
      > </body>
      > </html>
      > If someone could switch that off I would investigate further.
      > Regards,
      > Phil.

      Have you tried "File -> Save Page As..." (from Firefox, although I'm
      sure other browsers have a similar choice) while you're in the wiki
      editor? I think that will get the JavaScript stuff you want without
      tickling the blocking.
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