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sendmail and unslung 6.8 (to disk2 2GB usb flash + 2x 250GB WD hdd)

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  • Dr. Dirk Scholz - privat AOL
    Hi, I m pretty soon getting some kind of really desperate since I m trying to install a smtp server together with an imap server on my slug running unslung
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2007
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      I'm pretty soon getting some kind of really desperate since I'm trying to install a smtp server together with an imap server on my slug running unslung 6.8.
      I started with postfix and cyrus but already during the ipkg process there were some error messages and I could not follow the wiki sucessfully since the smtp server never came up.
      Continued with xmail and imap - but had no luck either.
      Now I'm with the solution sendmail / dovecot.
      dovecot is running - all I need to do is close the gap between the incoming mail directories/files and that should be a simple config file line - at least that is my understanding and I hope so.
      I can send and receive mail via smtp as root or any of his aliases - but all the other users defined on the slug have lock-file errors and create output errors from procmail what came with sendmail of course.
      It probably comes down to a permissions issue. I search the web, nslu2-linux yahoo group, the sendmail manual, somehow the procmail info that is offered and everything I tried for days now does not change anything plus similar issues are reported but not a solution in my eyes - did I miss the important spot?
      Anyone with similar experience and more important a solution? In case I missed something - please push me in the right direction (away from my current isp) !
      Hoping to get some feedback or hints - Dirk
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