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Pertelian USB LCD display and lcdproc on Unslung

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  • Tim Walker
    Hi, A few weeks back I posted to a thread about using an LCD display on the slug. I was especially interested in how I might install a Pertelian USB LCD
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2006

      A few weeks back I posted to a thread about using an LCD display on
      the slug. I was especially interested in how I might install a
      Pertelian USB LCD display on my slug, which runs Unslung; the existing
      wiki howto is for OpenSlug, and there's currently no Unslung package
      for lcdproc (which would control the display).

      Another post in the thread suggests that an Unslung user would
      probably have to compile lcdproc themselves, so I thought I'd see if I
      could do this, even if I don't actually own a Pertelian yet. (This is
      because if the compile didn't work, there would be less point for me
      in buying one, though I have another Linux PC which I could try it with.)

      Here is what I've done so far - some steps are adapted from the
      OpenSlug howto. The steps below are not a howto yet, but if everything
      ultimately works, perhaps this may form the basis of one...
      - Install kernel-module-ftdi-sio ("ipkg install
      kernel-module-ftdi-sio"). This works in Unslung, but would the other
      instructions for making the modules load on boot, work as well?

      - Install libusb ("ipkg install libusb") - this also worked in Unslung.

      - Install the complete toolchain ("ipkg install optware-devel") so
      that applications can be compiled directly on the slug.

      - Download the source code for lcdproc 0.5.1 (the latest), and unpack
      it into a 'source' directory (for me, this is /usr/src/) as root.

      - Enter "./configure --prefix=/opt/ --enable-drivers=all". The
      "--prefix=/opt/" part makes sure that binaries, config and other files
      are installed in directories off /opt/, to fit in with Unslung
      standards (as I understand them), whilst "--enable-drivers=all" is a
      lazy way (suggested by the lcdproc INSTALL file!) of hopefully getting
      the app to work 'out of the box'. (I would probably refine this later
      so that only the Pertelian driver - HD44780, I think - would be enabled.)

      - Enter "make", and then "make install". For me, this seemed to go
      smoothly (taking just over ten minutes to compile - not bad for the
      'slug'), and from there I edited /opt/etc/LCDd.conf as suggested by
      the OpenSlug howto.
      This is as far as I've got to date, though I'll almost certainly be
      ordering a Pertelian very soon (after Christmas, probably). I'd really
      like to get this working, not just for "geek value", but because it
      would be very useful to view various system stats without having to
      boot up a PC and log in via SSH to do so.

      If possible, please could I have your views on the above, particularly:

      - Would I need to adapt the OpenSlug instructions on loading the
      ftdi-sio module at boot (create /etc/modutils/modules if it does not
      exist; add a line containing only ftdi_sio to that file; after saving
      the file run update-modules) for Unslung, and if so, how?

      - Would I also have to load the usbserial module; alternatively, how
      do I find out if it's already loaded?

      - Can anyone see any potential problems ahead which I have missed
      (quite likely - I'm not that experienced with Linux kernel modules and
      the like)?

      Many thanks in advance, and I'll let you know how things progress at
      this end.

      Best regards,
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