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Re: NSLU2/Linux queries from a soon-to-be 'slug' owner

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  • Tim Walker
    Hi Rod, Just to say thanks for your responses below - I ve been away for a few days so couldn t get back to you. I ll see if I can update the wiki once I get
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 7, 2006
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      Hi Rod,

      Just to say thanks for your responses below - I've been away for a few
      days so couldn't get back to you. I'll see if I can update the wiki
      once I get procmail working on the slug... er, when I actually
      **have** one (birthday next week :-) ).

      Much appreciated...


      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Rod Whitby <list.nslu2-linux@...>
      > Tim Walker wrote:
      > > - It looks like procmail hasn't yet been 'ported' to Unslung (it's in
      > > the "wishlist" on the wiki). Has anyone managed to put this on their
      > > slug, and if so, how? (This would really help me, as my existing
      > > mailserver setup uses procmail to sort incoming messages, and I'd like
      > > to recreate my current mailserver setup as far as possible.)
      > Your first contribution to the community will be to edit that wiki page
      > to indicate that Procmail is indeed available for Unslung (as part of
      > the Optware packages feed).
      > > - I'm a little unclear about the best disk partitioning arrangements,
      > > and what is/isn't possible with this setup. My current server has two
      > > hard drives, with the /home and /public (i.e. file store) directories
      > > mounted from the second drive (partitions hdb1 and hdb2 respectively).
      > > Separating these two directories from the OS installation, makes it
      > > easier to reinstall the OS if wanted/needed. With the 'slug' and
      > > Unslung, is it possible to ensure the /home and file store directories
      > > are kept separate from the rest of the filesystem (e.g. on the main
      > > disk), with the OS files on another drive or partition (e.g. a USB
      > > flash drive - see below)? Or is this not really necessary?
      > >
      > > - On a related note: I've read that it is possible to have the /
      > > (root) filesystem on a flash drive, and the rest of the filesystem on
      > > the 'main' drive. Is this a good idea in your view, or 'overkill'?
      > Just put it all on one drive - the system files are such a small amount
      > (compared to your data), that it doesn't really matter.
      > > - Is GNU Screen included in Unslung by default, and if not, how easy
      > > is it to add?
      > Checking http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optware/nslu2/cross/stable/,
      > it looks like it is.
      > > Many thanks for any help you can give, and I hope to join the ranks of
      > > the NSLU2 owners very soon :-)
      > Welcome.
      > -- Rod
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