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Re: [nslu2-linux] installing and setting up VSFTPD on Unslung6.8-beta. Multiple questions.

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  • Niel Drummond
    ... hi pablo, ftp server s are difficult to setup, so do not tear your hair out. These days techies prefer the webdav route for uploading files, though this
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2006
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      pablo.west wrote:
      > Hi group,
      hi pablo, ftp server's are difficult to setup, so do not tear your hair
      out. These days techies prefer the webdav route for uploading files,
      though this requires a webdav capable web server.
      > I finally had the guts to Unsling my NSLU2. Read the README
      > carefully and all went well.
      > Now I am trying to get vsftpd running.
      > 1) In the Linksys Adminstation webinterface there is/was a tick box
      > to enable a FTP server. Before I unslung the machine I could not get
      > this working. I forwarded the port 21 of my router/firewall to the IP
      > adress of the NSLU2.
      Ftp server's have two ways of communicating to the client: Passive and
      active. There is a great deal of documentation on the subject... save to
      say, vsftpd comes installed by default using older active ftp protocol.
      As long as your neighbour has his client setup using active transfers
      (mostly in the settings somewhere), and he de-activates his firewall if
      he has one, he should be able to get in. The reason for this is that the
      FTP protocol needs to initiate data transfers from the server end. To
      setup passive transfers is more complex, as you will need a state-aware
      firewall between your NSLU2 and th WAN (which your router may or may not do)
      > 2) Should this tickbox be enabled even when the firmware is now
      > Unslung?
      I do not know... when I bought the NSLU2 they didn't have ftp in the
      stock firmware. You may be able to configure the stock ftp server just
      as well as the ipkg one (though I somehow doubt it). Whichever you do,
      do not have two ftp servers running alongside each other.
      > 3) What is the standard way to create /unslung/rc.xinetd? I found VI
      > as a texteditor but a note as to how to go about this in the wiki
      > would be nice, I think. (the german translation of the page carries
      > all the instructions, even for VI)
      if you want to learn vi, then you should start with a Live CD of linux,
      such as ubuntu / fedora / suse and type vimtutor on the commandline.
      Spend a few hours with it...

      > Tried to install nano but the installation exited with two errors
      > about BusyBox.
      > Finally created /unslung/rc.xinetd with the help of a copy/paste in
      > windows notebook, saving and copying the file with cp into the
      > /unslung directory, changing chmod to 755. Had to get rid of the ^M
      > characters in the file with VI. Executed /etc/rc.d/rc.xinetd. No
      > Errors.
      > Asked my neighbour to try the ftp site. I can see that he was refused
      > in the log file, but I wonder if ftp should prompt him for a username
      > and password to enter.
      vsftpd is very careful about directory permissions... plus for the
      default case you need a user in /etc/passwd for every account. try
      adding a user in the webadmin, and asking your neighbour to login with
      that, before you setup anonymous access (which is unrecommended anyway)
      > 4) Reading this and other groups I get the impression vsftpd is harder
      > to get up then proFTP? Is there consensus about the preferred FTP server?
      yes it is harder, the vs stands for 'very safe'. I find vsftpd a pain to
      use, and will try to setup webdav as soon as it gets supported by
      lighttpd in the monotone feeds


      - Niel
      > TIA
      > pablo
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