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Re: Unable to enable telnet: File not found

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  • francis_ristori
    Adam, Thanks. In fact that s exactly what I wanted to do (upgrade to 6.8), regards ... option here ... firmware.net/u-dls.php, ... added. You d need ... wanted
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 25, 2006
      In fact that's exactly what I wanted to do (upgrade to 6.8), regards

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Adam Baker <slug@...> wrote:
      > francis_ristori <francis_ristori@> writes:
      > >
      > > What should I do? (apart from committing suicide)
      > >
      > The linksys R63 firmware doesn't support telnet. The recommended
      option here
      > would be to install Unslung 6.8 from http://www.slug-
      > which is roughly R63 with telnet and some other useful stuff
      added. You'd need
      > to go back to something like R24 of the Linksys firmware if you
      wanted an
      > official firmware that supported telnet.
      > Read the Readme before installing Unslung and follow it carefully
      or you won't
      > know what password to use to log in.
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