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91Catchy names

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  • rwhitby
    Aug 10, 2004
      Whilst "NSLU" is a great name for the SourceForge project area, I
      still think we need a catchy name for the custom firmware
      distribution itself :-)

      Here's some of my more corny ideas (along the line of "GNU's Not
      Unix" style recursive acronyms):

      "Marketing sound-bite"]

      SWALLO: SWALLO - Wonderful Applications Linksys Left Out
      "Your NSLU2 will just SWALLO our new features."

      NSLURP: NSLURP Storage Link User R????? Project
      "NSLURP gives your NSLU2 a belly-full of features."

      NSLUICE: NSLUICE Storage Link U???? Individual Configuration Engine
      "<couldn't think of a catch phrase for this one>"

      NSTORE - NSTORE Serves Terrabytes Over Routed Ethernet
      "Safegaurd your NSLU2 data with NSTORE."

      NSTONE - NSTONE Serves Terrabytes Over NSLU2's Ethernet
      "As if your data was chiselled NSTONE."

      SLUE - Storage Link Unix Engineering
      "Slue away from the standard firmware."

      and my personal favourite:

      NSLUT - NSLUT Storage Link User Tinkering - "NSLUT makes your NSLU2
      do what *you* want it to do" :-)

      [hope I didn't offend anyone with that last one]

      Can anyone else do better ... ?

      -- Rod
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