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8614Re: armeb debian package status

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  • mbanditt
    Sep 16, 2005
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      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "mbanditt" <auslands-kv@g...> wrote:
      > Thanks!
      > Yesterday I already tried to compile it with apt-src. Worked perfectly!
      > Unfortunately, the package does not work fully. The probing for
      > attached printers does not find any (although the printer is shown
      > with lsusb and works as a raw printer with cups). Copying a hpoj
      > configuration file from a desktop to the slug leads to a working
      > scanning functions, but no printing so far. Furthermore, scanning
      > blocks the usb port forever, so after one scan no more printing via
      > cups is possible.
      > This only as an info to whom it concerns. I will try your package.
      > Cheers,
      > Michael

      Well just for your info. I tried the hpoj package from the repository
      and it shows the same symptoms as my own compilation. Fortunately, I
      found a 'workaround': The usb port can be freed by power cycling the

      So now, I can scan and print via the slug as a server :-) Great!

      And I can only underline that it is very easy to compile proggies on
      the OpenDebianSlug using the method from Lennard.



      P.S: OpenDebian also solved one other problem for me: xinetd did not
      work correctly with udp (at least not with openvpn). Now I'm running
      inetd and it works perfectly.
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