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8509Re: [nslu2-linux] Oww 0.81.7 - resolves libusb problem

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  • Stephen D. Miller
    Sep 11, 2005
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      I have been trying to get this up and running and am finding that if a
      barometer is assigned in the devices file, owwnogui will not start and
      returns 'Illegal Instruction'. If the barometer line is commented out it
      starts fine. The TAI8570 writer assignment seems to cause no problem.
      NLSU2 (openslug)>pl2303 serial converter to 9097U interface to TAI8570

      Thank you for all your work on this.

      Simon Melhuish wrote:

      >A few users noticed some trouble with oww, my one-wire weather station
      >program, and an incompatibility with the recent libusb update. I've
      >reworked this now, and the problem seems to be resolved. So please
      >upgrade to this version, once it gets onto the feed.
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