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8382Re: Samba as a PDC

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  • Ron Moerman
    Sep 5, 2005
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      > OK. I followed the guide above. I get this error:

      Which one do you mean exactly?

      > Failed to initialise SAM_ACCOUNT for user oracle$. Does this user
      > exist in the UNIX password database ?
      > Failed to modify password entry for user oracle$
      > This user does exists in the /etc/passwd file and also in the
      > smbpasswd file.

      Samba used to have problems dealing with account names ending in '$'. I'm
      not sure about version 3.1x though.
      Just to be save, you should uses names like that only for NT machine
      accounts. Or you can try to use the '--force-badname' option of adduser.

      What type of account is this 'oracle$'? A regular user, a machine account,
      or what?
      What action/command triggers this error message?

      Grtz, Ron
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