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7850Re: Encryption of harddisk

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  • matt@mattbostock.com
    Aug 3, 2005
      Hi James,

      I'm seeking the same thing. I'm now using a 60GB notebook hard disk
      (5,400 RPM - fast for notebook HDD), in a small external case. The idea
      is that when I'm at home, I can plug it into my NSLU2 and share it
      between several PCs. When I travel, I can just hook up the tiny drive to
      my laptop via USB and carry my files/mp3s with me.

      Since the data contained would be the same stuff I'd keep on my desktop,
      it needs encrypting so that if it were lost/stolen whilst travelling,
      I'd have a level of protection.

      To avoid excess processing on the Slug, I think I'll create an image
      file of a filesystem, then use the Slug's samba to share it. I can then
      mount the image on each client PC and use it that way.

      I hope that makes sense?!

      Matt :)

      smtp_coveycrump wrote:
      > I would like to guard against my attached harddisk (to the NSLU2)
      > being stolen and then accessed on a linux PC (thereby gaining access
      > to all my stored files).
      > Under linux you can setup a local loopback device encrypting the
      > entire harddisk. This could be an ideal solution as you would only
      > need to supply a password during bootup of the NSLU2 and from then on
      > the disk is available for use as normal (and you'd normally leave the
      > NSLU2 on).
      > A URL... http://encryptionhowto.sourceforge.net/Encryption-HOWTO.html
      > Has anyone tried doing something like this?
      > My concerns are...
      > 1. Is the NSLU2 box powerful enough to deal with the
      > encryption/decryption?
      > 2. The practicalities of specifying the password at bootup (NSLU2
      > bootup is normally a non-interactive process).
      > 3. I'm going to have to mess about with the Kernel as I assume the
      > crypto modules won't be available.
      > Any comments welcome.
      > James Covey-Crump
      > [ Moderator Note: All static information is slowly moving to the Wiki at http://www.nslu2-linux.org ]
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