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77Re: Info on mtd partitions/possible problem with splitnslu utility

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  • joule360
    Aug 10, 2004
      Yes, vmlinuz is a compressed vmlinux...in fact, when you boot linux
      on a non-embedded systme, the first message you see on the console is
      that the kernel is being decompressed. Reviewing the make files for
      the kernel build will show us what program is used for the
      compression. I cannot do that here at work...

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "paulbart1234" <paulbart@b...>
      > > - copy "vmlinuz" to offset 0x60010 of allocated array, and
      > > store 4-byte length of "vmlinuz" @ offset 0x60000
      > Because of my confusion over what the 4-byte 'length' value
      > represents on this mtdblock (whether/not it includes the 16-byte
      > header), I'm concerned that if a *new* 'vmlinuz' file were
      > created/re-packed into the image, the 'length' value may not be
      > correct.
      > In that case, you may want to 'pad' the length value by 12 bytes.
      > But, keep in mind that if you extracted 'vmlinuz' from a .bin image
      > with the assumption of the 16-byte header, then the length
      > of 'vmlinuz' would be correct already (so you wouldn't want
      to 'pad'
      > the length - otherwise it would 'grow' every time you
      > unpacked/repacked).
      > Isn't 'vmlinuz' a compressed form of 'vmlinux'? (I remember that
      > from a long time ago). If we can decompress it, we can determine
      > the actual length, and know what the 4-byte 'length' value should
      > represent.
      > - Paulb
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