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7297Re: Ctorrent URL patch

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  • mbanditt
    Jul 6, 2005
      > > With regards to the ctorrent port to NSLU2: The patch
      > >
      > > 688&atid=598034 is required for many trackers now, but is not in
      > > CVS or your port. Would you mind adding (or letting me add) this
      patch to
      > > the NSLU CVS?
      > >
      > >

      Do I understand this correctly, that the CVS version is a different
      one than the one in the files section of the yahoo groups site?

      In my case the ipk version in the unslung feed does not work correctly
      whereas the version in the files section does and furthermore also has
      more features.

      Would it be possible to also patch the enhanced version in the files


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