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5976Re: [nslu2-linux] MEM Upgrade

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  • Tommy B
    May 2, 2005
      Gerald L. Clark wrote:

      >Frank wrote:
      >>Hi there,
      >>does someone have complete instructions in how to upgrade to
      >>more ram? What kind of RAM Do you have to compile your own kernel?
      >As far as I know, nobody has an upgraded slug that can actually use the
      >added ram with the stock RedBoot.
      I've got an OEM board that has 64MB RAM on it. It runs Redboot and
      APEX. APEX is fully operational on the board. APEX also boots on the
      slug, but there is an issue with the installation of the IRQ handers
      that hasn't been fixed yet. I'm talking to several SMT rework companies
      in the area. I'm currently looking at upgrading the Linksys RV042. It
      has headers that appear to be JTAG, Serial, and a MiniPCI connector ---
      Ohhh.... Ahhhh..... I'd also be looking at upgrading the memory and
      possibly the flash.

      I'll have more information soon (tomorrow).


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