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5971Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: May have made a brick...

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  • Gerald L. Clark
    May 2, 2005
      David Carter wrote:
      > Good news! Yes, the fix you recommended worked! I really doubted I
      > could get Redboot access, but, yup, you were right. Reinstalled the
      > firmware, unslung the drive, I can get http access to the slug and the
      > drive. But now.....when I telnet in, it denies me access.
      > I've tried root/uNSLUng, admin/admin, and the personal adminstrator
      > account I created much earlier.
      > I'm doing this when I've booted up normally and have gone to the
      > Management/telnet.cgi page and activated Telnet.
      > I've researched the wikki and can't figger out what I'm doing wrong.
      > Thanks again-
      > Dave
      Again, you need to follow the instructions in the wiki.
      Telnet in with NO disk attached.

      nslu-linux - glc
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