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5970Re: [nslu2-linux] Problems with 300GB Maxtor

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  • Gerald L. Clark
    May 2, 2005
      trzebuchowski wrote:
      > Hi
      > I'm having hard time making my setup work. I've a 300GB harddrive
      > connected to my NSLU2 and I just can't format it. After a chat with
      > Linksys support I knew, that the original firmware only supports
      > drives up to 250GB, so I hoped that uNSLUng would help, but no.
      > The thing that happends is: I start the format, the drive blinks and
      > blinks and blinks....
      It takes a while.
      When I reset the NSLU2, (by pulling the power
      > cable out), and go back to the admin, the drive is "Not Formatted".
      If you interrupted the format, you may have a problem now.
      > When I connect it to my PC and check it out with partition
      > magic, I see 3 linux partitions?!
      Delete them and start over.
      > Is there something wrong with the hardware?
      > And another question; I've been follownig the readme.txt on how to
      > flash the nslu2, but some things are not clear to me:
      > "
      > 3) OK, now that you don't have any disks attached, you can proceed and
      > telnet into the NSLU2 using the username root and password uNSLUng.
      > 4) Identify which drive you wish you "unsling", and plug it in. Wait
      > a minute or two while the disk is mounted."
      > What should I telnet to the device on 3?
      If your slug is on ( for example )
      enter 'root' as the id, and 'uNSLUng' as the password.
      I did: "/sbin/unsling 1". Was
      > it what I was supposed to do?
      It is 'unsling disk1'
      but that won't work until you have the disk working.
      > Hope to hear from someone.
      > Regards
      > Bartek

      nslu-linux - glc
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