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5949Re: SquirrelMail & cyrus-imapd; Anyone with success?

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  • audiobetterwork
    May 1, 2005
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      > Well, then you should:
      > # chown mail.root /opt/etc/sasl2

      OK... I did that.

      And now the command:

      # ls -la /opt/etc/sasl2


      -rw-r----- 1 mail root 12288 May 1 20:50 /opt/etc/sasl2

      So it looks like were good there.

      Then I ran the following,

      # ./cyradm -u mail localhost

      I input the my password at the prompt... and then I get this error:

      Cannot find termcap: TERM not set at
      /opt/lib/perl5/5.8.6/Term/ReadLine.pm line

      But then it continues to execute and gives me the cyradm prompt.


      So at this point I entered the command:

      cm user.mail

      And it created the mailbox for user mail.

      If I enter the command:


      it yields the following output:

      INBOX (\HasNoChildren)

      So I would guess that is correct.

      At this point, I have only one remaining issue (if that error above
      isn't important nor related)... I still can't log into SquirrelMail
      using the mail account that was created. Even though I set the
      password, and created the mailbox.

      "If this is working fine you only have to configure squirrelmail in
      the right way. But there I cannot help you yet (have to read some docs

      I realize that you may be unable to assist me much further, because of
      this. If you can't right away, thats OK, you have already been very
      generous with your time and knowledge.

      Again, thanks so much for your help

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