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5943script lib for pre-/post-install/remove scripts

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  • pTweety
    May 1, 2005

      I've had a look at the linux kernel configure scripts and thought it
      might be a good idea to copy some script snippets together to build up
      a script library for unslung package developers. A first try can be
      found here [1]. This requires bash as shell and provides some sample
      functions for a commandline user interface.

      There are still some questions to answer / problems to solve:
      - is this (really) a good idea?
      - how should this thing be packed?
      - can we ensure that bash and this lib are installed before any
      package requires the included functions (e.g. in a preinst script)?
      - is a menuconfig/dialog like interface as option required?

      [1] http://www.gadma.net/wiki/images/1/11/Test-lib.tar.gz

      MFG Matthias