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5931RE: [nslu2-linux] re ipx400

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  • david
    Apr 30, 2005
      The way licensing like this is handled under the Gentoo Portage system is:
      When you install a package that has some sort of license restriction (such as
      Sun's java stuff), it tells you which website to go to and download the source
      from. You then copy the source to the specified location, and try to reinstall
      the package, which now finds the required sources and so compiles it.

      I'm not very up to date on exactly how ipkg handle stuff, but I thought it
      might give you some ideas....

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      > From: Gerald L. Clark
      > >Chris wrote:
      > >> Just a though, how about a script for openslug
      > >> that d/loaded the source and displayed
      > >> a EULA and then compiled the module for use on their slug
      > >
      > >I was thinking about that too, but how would you get it loaded onto the
      > >slug if you didn't have a network interface? You would have to rebuild
      > >the image before flashing. You might as well compile the whole thing then.
      > I believe that the *intent* of the Intel license would be met if the
      > ixp4xx-csr ipk was not built in to the flash but had to be
      > downloaded by the end user from a web page with the license or maybe
      > just a link to it. That would also seem to be compatible with the
      > GPL. So far as I can see ixp425-eth can be in the flash - but it
      > won't 'insmod' without the ixp4xx-csr module.
      > My own bootstrap system avoids the issue to some extent - my version
      > of switchbox retreives the Intel modules from the 'payload' (right
      > at the end of the flash). It would probably be possible to make a
      > version of 'upslug' which assembled the flash image from the kernel,
      > rootfs (jffs2 file system image) and payload - so the user would
      > have to download three separate binaries (with potentially different
      > licenses).
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