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5922OT ramble--was: Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: NSLU2 Newbies needs Internet Write capability

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  • Dale VanZile
    Apr 28, 2005
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      David Carter wrote:

      >Great info! Yes, I'll start there, follow the bread crumbs, and
      >hopefully end up in Nirvana!
      >thanks much-
      Good luck on your journey! I've followed the instructions I pointed you at, and screwed things up once or twice before I found all the little details that I'd missed or goofed up.... :^) Don't hesitate to ask questions if you read stuff and you don't get the gist of it. That's what makes the whole open-source thing a Good Thing, and it's what will allow it survive and thrive. The whole ballgame is in remembering what it's like to be a n00B and "giving back" when you're able. I've been doing just that with vacuum-tube electronics (mostly guitar amp circuitry) for years, after getting to the point where I had a bit of know-how. I have a nice old gentleman named Arnold, who used to work at Jackson Electronics in Trenton back in the late '80s, to thank for the encouragement and help (and the occasional small bagful of tube sockets and such that he knew they'd *never* sell) when I was a t00B n00B--a sharp contrast to the jeers of his younger co-workers when I came to the counter looking for tubes and related "obsolete" parts. I figure "giving back" is the way these things keep working, as I'd have given up if there weren't anyone experienced around that could answer my questions and pass on that torch--now it's my turn over on ampage.org, and when work's slow at my job, I pass along Arnold's gift and post answers to n00B questions over there. Oh well, enough OT babble out of me.... :^)

      C ya,

      PS: Power to the People! Subvert the dominant paradigm--use Linux! Heck, use a pencil and paper if there's no other way! Tell M$ they can go to /dev/null.... }:^)>

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